Slab Leak Detection & Repair in Noblesville, IN

If you are looking for a reputable company for slab leak detection or slab leak repair, call the experts at Thornton Plumbing. We have a team of licensed plumbers with experience in quickly diagnosing a slab leak and providing exceptional slab leak repair, all with minimal interruption to your day-to-day life. If you suspect that you may have a slab leak, do not wait. A slab leak has the potential to cause significant damage below your home. Call the professionals at Thornton Plumbing immediately for fast slab leak detection and repair.

They got the job done professionally and efficiently

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“Thornton plumbing was a life saver! they came out to fix a broken pipe on my water heater. I highly recommend, they got the job done professionally and efficiently. Will defiantly be calling again when any issues arise.”
- Robert Pruitt

What You Need to Know About Slab Leaks

A slab leak is a small leak that occurs in the waterlines below your home. Because the leak happens in your home’s foundation, it is sometimes hard to catch when it is happening. There are subtle signs you need to watch out for that may indicate you have a slab leak. These include:

Expert Tips
- Lisa Arbuckle
Address slab leaks promptly to prevent damage to your home's foundation. Our experts at Thornton Plumbing & HVAC specialize in efficient slab leak detection and repair, ensuring the structural integrity of your property.
- Lisa Arbuckle
  • Unexplained increase in your water bill
  • Wet spots on your floor
  • Low water pressure

An untreated slab leak can lead to expensive damage to the foundation and flooring of your home. This can lower the value of your home and cause dangerous mold growth that can impact the health of your family. If you suspect a slab leak, call Thornton Plumbing for slab leak detection.

How to Repair a Slab Leak

Repairing a slab leak in your home depends on where the leak is located. The most common repair is pipe re-routing. This method entails installing a new water line through the walls and ceilings. It can be rather disruptive, but it will fix any leaks in your system. For larger leaks, epoxy restoration is advised. The experts at Thornton Plumbing have extensive experience in slab leak repair and can walk you through the process.

If you need slab leak detection or repair, contact the professionals at Thornton Plumbing. Call 317-697-9265 to schedule your appointment today.