Water Softener System Installation Service in Noblesville IN & Nearby Areas

North Central Indiana is known to have some of the most contaminated water in the country. The good news? Thornton Plumbing provides water softener system installation service in Noblesville, IN and nearby areas to upgrade the quality of your water. Thornton offers specially designed water softener systems and water treatment systems for whole-home water supply improvement.

They got the job done professionally and efficiently

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“Thornton plumbing was a life saver! they came out to fix a broken pipe on my water heater. I highly recommend, they got the job done professionally and efficiently. Will defiantly be calling again when any issues arise.”
- Robert Pruitt

Product Highlight:  Our water softener systems are made by Puritan. They are custom built locally right here in Crawfordsville Indiana for Thornton Plumbing customers. When used along with iron and can filters, they are also very efficient at cleaning well water.

Expert Tips
- Lisa Arbuckle
Protect your plumbing system from hard water damage with a water softener. Our experts offer water softener installation and maintenance services, preserving the efficiency and longevity of your pipes and appliances.
- Lisa Arbuckle

What are the Benefits of Installing a Water Softener?

Water softeners maintain a healthy water quality in your home by removing minerals that cause “hard water”. Along with tasting and smelling bad, hard water can also lead to major plumbing problems such as corrosion in your pipes, plumbing fixtures, valves, water heaters, and drinking water systems. Thornton Plumbing installs water softener systems specially designed for the whole home to prevent plumbing problems and improve the quality of the water you use each day.

Does a Water Softener Affect Appliances Too?

Generally speaking, hard water and home appliances do not mix. Dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters can all fall victim to damaging effects of hard water. Mineral buildup from hard water flowing through these appliances leads to corrosion and can lead to premature failure of commonly used household appliances. To prolong the life of your home appliances, Thornton Plumbing strongly urges customers to take advantage of our water softener installation service in Noblesville IN and nearby areas.

Signs that you need a water softener

If you have hard water in your home, you are likely well aware of it. White residue left over from washing dishes or using the sink, also known as limescale buildup, is a good indicator of hard water coming from your faucets. Other ways to know your home’s water supply is hard water include odor coming from the water and a slimy or “milky” feeling on your skin and/or hair after bathing. While you can certainly live with hard water in your home, we don’t recommend it. Give Thornton Plumbing a call to discuss options available to you to protect your plumbing systems and improve the quality of your water supply.

Install a Water Softener System Today

Thornton Plumbing has provided water softener system installation and repair services for our customers in Noblesville, IN and nearby areas for years. We have several water softener systems in-stock and ready for installation and our professional team is always happy to help bring cleaner, clearer water to you and your loved ones. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for water softener system installation!